Summer School

EB summer school has become like a second school for the students. It is the most convenient opportunity for students to gain immersive English learning experience. Earlybirds programs work to improve their reading , writing, speaking and listening skills while also helping the the students to become more adept at working as a part of a team. Allied to this we also work on building confidence and developing skills that allow students to move outside their comfort zone.


  • Immersive boarding program in Shanghai.
  • Level tested small classes.
  • Full day learning program with professional teachers.
  • Main academic programs: Read to Write and Creative Drama.

"My daughter has been participating in EB summer school since she was in kindergarten. She worked hard, and played hard. We feel very secured as parents"

~ Linyu's Mom

"Peter has taken EB summer school for two years now and he is much more confident than before! He insists on attending this year as well."

~ Peter's Mom

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