Creative Drama

Develop students communication abilities and multi-intelligence through exposure to different drama techniques. Using improvisation and reader theatre to create an immersive environment giving students a safe place to explore different aspects of their character while communicating using primarily English.


  • Five year localization with ESL students.
  • Building up confidence in acting and expressing ideas in front of an audience.
  • Use of concepts and themes that are age inappropriate. Use a broad range of books, poems ,songs and videos to build their passion for drama and language learning.

"Coco won first prize in a speech contest and I cannot believe she was so confident on stage! She was such a shy kid who dared not speak in front of people three years ago. Drama is now her favorite class."

~ Coco's Mom

"During two years of taking EB Drama courses, I found Leo more able to speak on his own. He likes drama and his drama teacher so much that he wants to be a drama teacher in the future!"

~ Leo's Mom

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