Careers at Earlybirds

Seeking the consumate professionals.

At Earlybirds we aim to make the experience of new teachers joining us as comfortable as possible. This begins during the recruitment process itself, we as an organization want teachers who agree with our ethos in relation to teaching during the interview stage we are very clear on how we as an organization and the teachers can work together to achieve it. We also want teachers to take ownership of the teaching experience and bring their own experience and creativity into the classroom. We feel this approach gives new teachers confidence as they feel they have a major part to play in our success in delivering a top quality learning experience. As an Organization we offer:

  • Full support during the recruitment process.
  • Dedicated visa support staff.
  • Help in getting accommodation and setting up bank account and with all other issues when establishing yourself in a new country.
  • Team building trips to sites of Cultural significance.
  • Chinese language classes.

We as an organization have a very teacher focused management philosophy. We believe that the main role of management is to support the teachers to do that we follow an number of different strategies: the first is that the management structure is very clear, so we have the director of studies who is supported by a number of Senior teachers. This we feel allows teachers to have a point of contact and support at all times and across all campuses. Allied to this at the beginning of each academic year we institute a buddy system which pairs new teachers with long term members of staff allowing them to observe best practice in the classroom and allowing the teachers to grow in their job while feeling they always have support when they need it. In relation to management we offer:

  • A flat hierarchy in management , which we feel generates an environment that is conducive the exchange of ideas of best practice in relation to teaching that is not predicated on peoples role within the organization.
  • A clear demarcation of responsibilities that allows teachers to feel confident at all times within the teaching environment.
  • A buddy system, which allows the free exchange of knowledge in a informal way that leads to the building of strong relationships within the team.
  • Clear disciplinary procedures that are not deviated from giving teachers clarity at all times.

If you're interested in joining the team, feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!