About Us

Life at Earlybirds is fun and rewarding.

Besides cooperation with our academic partners, Earlybirds offers international standard programs to individual student. We have both English and drama courses every term, professional theatre shows and summer school every year. Our aim goes beyond language and skills. Here kids are able to find the fun in learning, to listen, to respond and to care for others, to gain experience, to become more confident, independent and visionary and to grow from a reader to a true leader.

Today's reader, Tomorrow's leader.
When teaching preschool to primary school grade5 (age 5-12) this Read to Write program, we follow the standard curriculum requirements focusing on core areas of learning that increase English language development. Our goal is to help ESL kids approach the learning of English language through the use of narrative and story, nurturing ability to read and eventually write in the language.

Based on local social and culture event and topics, our Write to Lead program inspire teenagers to think on caring, critical creative perspectives so as build motivation and passion for writing. They will develop leadership by having their ideas or voices heard through media publication.

Creative Drama course aims to develop students communication abilities and multi-intelligence through exposure to different drama techniques. Using improvisation and reader theatre to create an immersive environment giving students a safe place to explore different aspects of their character while communicating using primarily English.

EB summer school has become like a second school for the students. It is the most convenient opportunity that students will have to gain totally immersive English learning experience. Earlybirds programs work to improve their reading , writing, speaking and listening skills while also helping the the students to become more adept at working as a part of a team. Allied to this we also work on building confidence and developing skills that allow students to move outside their comfort zone.

Youth theatre is for students with a passion and talent for stage performing and outstanding English speaking ability. We provide them with a chance to learn and act with professional actors and directors. Working in a professional environment will give students a real sense of achievement and personal growth.

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