Read to Write

When teaching preschool to primary school grade5, ages 5-12, we follow the standard curriculum requirements focusing on core areas of learning that increase English language development. Our goal is to help ESL kids approach the learning of English language through the use of narrative and story, nurturing ability to read and eventually write in the language.


  • The use of highly selective children’s literature books to build reading interest and inspire kids to listen and discuss ideas.
  • The use of level tested reading materials which allows the students to practice reading out load building fluency in reading, while also helping to improve listening thus laying the path for the students to become an independent readers in the longer term.
  • Targeted practice on key vocabulary and grammar.
  • Working to Build and sustain an interest in writing, taking the student from the level of beginner towards the goal of turning them into an accurate and expressive writer.
  • Introducing a reading strategy to students, that helps them to understand the plot and structure of different books or articles.
  • Learn to write properly by modelling different genres and styles depending on the nature of assignments that are set.

Write to Lead

Focused around local social and cultural events and topics, this program aim is to inspire teenagers to think about issues in a caring, critical and creative way. Bringing different perspectives on topics and introducing new ideas so as to build motivation and a passion for writing. They will develop leadership skills through team building exercises and group presentations and having their ideas or voices heard through media publication.


  • A focus on project based learning.
  • Reading and critically engaging with issues around topics such as the environment, science, technology ,western culture, literature , history and news media.
  • Participation in local social and culture events.
  • Students will have opportunity to become journalist for Shanghai Student Post.
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